How Do I Know If My Employer Has Workers' Compensation Insurance?


You’ve been hurt on the job, and now you’re wondering….Does my employer even have workers’ compensation insurance? Here’s how to find out.

Your employer is legally obligated to prominently display in your place of business the required workers’ compensation information on an information poster. (NAC 616A.460, Form D-1). This poster must state advise employees of the company of the name, business address and telephone number of the employer’s workers compensation insurance company’s or third-party administrator’s adjuster in this State that is located nearest to the employer’s place of business for their claims for workers’ compensation.

If you do not see an information poster in your workplace, this might be a sign that your employer does not have workers compensation insurance.  

Your employer also must have available at all times and at all locations for inspection by agent of the Division of Industrial Relations or Attorney General proof of workers compensation coverage.

Finally, your employer must provide the relevant forms for employee use and complete injury or occupational disease reporting requirements.  Your employer is also obligated to forward the appropriate forms to the workers compensation insurance within a certain time period after you have completed the forms. They cannot sit on the forms once you have completed the forms.

An employee can also contact the Division of Industrial Relations - Workers Compensation Division to find out if his or her employer has the necessary workers compensation coverage.

Thomas Askeroth